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If you are an entrepreneur, a professional woman or an artist,
ready to take your business to the next level –

you’ve come to the right place!

What's the We2 Community about?  Check it out!

For over a decade,

We2 has been there to support, uplift & encourage women
on their path to business success.

We2 is there to empower you with knowledge, skills and connections so you can build a business that flourishes and design a life that feels like thriving – not just surviving.

Online Workshops, Printables & Chalenges, Book Club, Online Events & Live evens

We2 has you covered!

  • Need to know how to sell more? Write great copy?
  • Give an awesome speech that has the crowd throwing their panti– I mean credit cards – at you?
  • Maybe you could use a little (or a lot) of Social Media or website advice?
  • What about marketing tips & techniques to generate a steady stream of clients – and income?
  • How about a little bookkeeping help, or some legal 101?
  • Need to let go of limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck – or sabotaging your success?
  • Or perhaps you know you need to finally organize your sh*t so you can be uber-productive?

Yes, business is about brains and branding, strategy and systems– and we cover all that great stuff!

But it’s also about heart, spirit and body.

As women, we also juggle families and other responsibilities.

So we touch on topics like:

Trusting your intuition, de-cluttering, achieving balance, busting overwhelm, embracing creativity, and creating a healthy lifestyle!

You're a star.  And We2 wants to help you shine!
Every month, YOU’LL GET:

A combination of online & offline* events, expert-led workshops, resources,
tools, printables, business growth challenges, and a book club
along with our virtual clubhouse (aka private FB group)

– all designed thoughtfully to help you up your game!


From Morning Coffee Klatches to Learning Luncheons to evening Pajama Parties…
LOTS of networking in real time, so you can find clients, collaborators, gain referrals;
make meaningful connections, develop fans & followers, and best of all, build lasting friendships.


Last but not least, We2 exists to help YOU BE SEEN & HEARD.
Show the world your skills, your passion, and your business! We encourage you to share,
to speak up, and to offer value!

You are a STAR, and We2 want to help you shine!

We2 is about more than business. It's about ALL of YOU.

WE2 get it. We’ve been there. We2 have seen it all.

And that’s WHY We2 do what we do.

That’s why we bring you:

the experts, the support, the platform… and the community of amazing women.

No matter where you are on your journey,
we’d love to welcome you to We2!

HECK YEAH, I’m in, sister!!!

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Sarena Miller - FounderAbout our founder Sarena:

Sarena founded We2, The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange – over a decade ago!

Talk about stickability!

Sarena’s entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, knowledge and warmth has helped the Women of We2 thrive!

She’s lighthearted & silly, keeping things fresh & fun…
but with a definite down-to-biz side that has helped women go:

  • From 9 to 5 to successful biz,
  • From stuck to empowered,
  • From hearing crickets when they bust open their piggy bank…
    to 6 figure incomes.

And she always does it with LOVE. Lots of love.