Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols We2 Book Club

Our We2 Members’ Book Club is thrilled to reveal our next Book Club book:

“Abundance Now” by Lisa Nichols!

Get ready to feel more abundant in ALL areas of your life.

Lisa Nichols is a powerhouse, a speaker, media personality and transformational guru helping people around the globe believe in themselves and exponentially up their game!

Lisa’s story is beyond inspirational, when you combine that with the practical tips she shares on how to create a supreme vision for yourself and cultivate a positive, winning attitude, (and take INSPIRED ACTION) you cannot help but feel empowered to take on the world – and make your dreams a reality.

Create the success you desire, live the abundant lifestyle you deserve.
It is all within YOU, you have the power!

Grab your copy of “Abundance Now” and start reading (or listening)!

Then, join the conversation in our Facebook Group!

‘Cuz Leaders are Readers…YEAH!

Sarena & the We2 Team

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