Build and Scale Your Dream Biz Online

Bigger Impact. More Money.
Less Stress. More Flow.

In this free Masterclass, I’ll show you how you can structure, package and market your biz online, so you can attract WAY more of your dream clients and have a bigger impact – without exhausting yourself, or depleting your energy.

Yup, working less (or at least differently) while earning more. #Possible.

Time to simplify for success.

Bigger impact. More money, less stress, more flow. That’s #BusinessBliss

60 – 90 days from now, your biz and your life could look drastically different!

You are here to shine!

The online learning world has exploded, and this year has accelerated it – all at the speed of light!

So…what does that mean for you?

There has NEVER been a better time for change-makers, rule-breakers, creatives, heart-centered entrepreneurs (or ANY entrepreneur) to create a life that lights them up, to do work that moves them, to thrive, to bring light to the world

…and to make money doing it.

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Build and Scale You Dream Biz Online - Creating Business Bliss

Abundance & Opportunity Await!!

There’s SO much opportunity and YOU HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL to SHARE, to OFFER the world!

So, if you’re thinking “it’s too late”, “what do I have to say, there’s already so much out there?” I am here to tell you that it is JUST BEGINNING. There is more than enough ROOM FOR YOU!

If you are CALLED to SHARE your gifts, your magic, to make the world a better place, that DESIRE is PROOF that you can make it happen!

But…it isn’t “make a wish upon a star.” You gotta know what to do and when, and what NOT to do!

I’m going to show you how to build and scale your biz online and Create a pathway to online Business Bliss.

This is for YOU if you:

Are asking what? What’s next? Or how?

  • You’ve been thinking about building your online biz or course, your have a ton of ideas but can’t seem to figure out what’s next – or how to bring ALL your ideas together!
  • You LOVE the idea of having your own business, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Whether you know exactly what dream business you’d bring to life, or you have no idea what you could do, all good, I’ve got you covered!

Need more sales.

  • You want to MAKE MORE SALES and ATTRACT DREAM SOUL-ALIGNED CLIENTS!! You’re ready to charge more and Covid-proof your income.
  • You are SICK of playing small! You are good at what you do, people tell you all the time, so “Where’s the Money, Honey?”
  • If you are: So. Tired. Of. The. Hustle.…feels like you are Working. All. The. Time. Feeling stressed and anxious and overwhelmed, and YET not really getting anywhere.
  • (Ya, I know that space, too, been there and had front row seats. This extremely biased review says NOT a concert worth attending).

Need more freedom.

  • You dream of leaving the confines of your soul-sucking 9-5. If you crave #freedom… join in!
  • If you find yourself saying “but Sarena, all my clients are different and need different things, how can I create a system or product or anything like that”.

Are ready to uplevel.

  • If you LOVE the idea of making more money with less stress. WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Bigger impact – less stress – more money. #POSSIBLE
  • You have a biz, and it’s doing okay, but you’re ready to make the leap to your next level! We’ll talk SCALING your biz, and the one-to-many system, that allows you to make money and have more time!
  • If you’re ready to finally rock your biz online, cuz 2020 was the kick-in-the pants you needed! All bets are off, the rules don’t apply, and you’re ready to make 2021 your bish.

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In this Workshop you will learn:

  • What kind of online biz is right for you NOW, SOON and LATER? There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to online biz! And not everything will work for you!
  • From Course creation, digital products, online offerings…What are your options, where do you fall, and what do you need to consider! ?
  • What most people get wrong when they set out to create an online offering! (That is costing you precious time, money and sanity).
  • The BIG Not-so-secret SECRET: You don’t need complicated systems or technology! That is NOT the most important thing – at all! Get these OTHER things down and start making moolah right away! #SCRAPPY for the WIN!
  • The pathway to Business Bliss, so you know WHAT to do first, second third and last! (So you know how to organically scale your biz – all the while making cashola)
  • Biggest mistake I see people making when it comes to SELLING their courses! (and the frustration that prevails because of it)
  • How to harness the power of your soul’s work, (AKA your Calling) package it up, and offer it in a way that makes it irresistible to your audience! #BusinessAlchemy

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Who is Sarena ? And why should you care?

Sarena Miller - Creating Business Bliss

With a name like Sarena Dawn, well…I suppose JUST LIKE YOU I was destined for a life less ordinary.

Entrepreneur, artist, modern renaissance woman that is equal parts: Quirk. Creativity. Kickassery. Spiritual and sassy. And a whole lotta LOVE & SWEETNESS!

With the soul, the brains, the strategy and TRACK RECORD to help guide you to your VERY OWN business Bliss!

For over a DECADE I have been helping women build their business, uncover their unique Business MAGIC & turn it into MONEY, fast…with wicked results!

My mission is to help you build a SCALABLE, SOULFUL BIZ – that actually lights you up!

In this class I will cut through the clutter to help guide you to launching your own online business in 2021!