Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller We2 Book Club

Our We2 Members’ Book Club is thrilled to reveal our next Book Club book:

“Building a StoryBrand ” by Donald Miller!

I don’t know about you, but I get giddy exploring all things branding!

It’s the creativity, the artistry, the visual, verbal and written expression of the essence of our message, and why we do what we do. It’s the connection we get to make with the world, even when we are not around to express it in person!

A strong brand today is crucial! Your brand that is properly expressed, has FAR reaching effects, it works while you sleep, and when you don’t even realize who’s watching or reading. It helps people know if they will work with you – or not.

Building a strong brand helps you connect with your tribe, stand out from the crowd and find MORE of the RIGHT clients for you!

Our personal branding is a big part of brand success. We can no longer separate our brand story, company culture or ethos from our businesses.

The ability to identify our story brand to connect with our audience has far reaching and long-lasting effects!

WE2 LOOOVE to talk all things branding…
So We2 are very excited to announce our next We2 Book for our We2 Members’ Book Club:

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.
Grab your copy and start reading (or listening)!
Then, join the conversation in our Facebook Group!

Thanks to We2 Team Member Sheila Bicknell of Blue Water Oracle for the awesome book suggestion!

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller was a GREAT READ! Even if you have NOT read the book, PLEASE DO JOIN US to pick up some nuggets of wisdom sure to improve the way you communicate the story of your biz!

The convo is super casual, a gathering of business besties. 😊

Sarena & the We2 Team

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