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Social Media Strategy Series

Social Media Strategy Series Lisa McKenzie will be speaking to the Ladies of WE2 on August 11th 2010. For more info: – Lisa McKenzie – Aug 11th addresses the Ladies of We2 Until then check out her new series, and mention your association with We2 and take and additional 25$ off the price! Here’s [...]

Champions’ Competitive Edge – June 9, 2010

Champions’ Competitive Edge In order for you to reach your full potential, especially in today’s competitive environment, you must commit to becoming a champion. In this memorable presentation, Penny shares eight keys to becoming a champion. You discover the character traits common to all champions… you have the power to nurture and develop these traits [...]

Overcoming Challenges: May 12, 2010

Overcoming your challenges Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenges you face? Are there things that are blocking you in your business but you are afraid to ask for help? Have you had people tell you your business will never work? You can’t do it? You can’t do it is something our speaker this [...]

Why Everything You’ve Ever Learned About Losing Weight Is Wrong

On Tuesday, May 4th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM Julia Di Nardo, M.A., Psychotherapist and Intuitive Eating Coach, will be giving a free talk at Clinique Psy-Santé. See the details below to learn more about what Julia has to say about this talk: “Why Everything You’ve Ever Learned About Losing Weight Is Wrong – The [...]

Say Cheese! WE2 Photo Day: May 7, 2010

Photo Day Details…Say Cheese! Don’t have a professional photo for your marketing and social media needs? Is your photo outdated? What about your look? Need a refresher? Does your photo express or match our mental image of a “professional” or “successful” business woman? Do you have a photo that would make a “referrer” confident to [...]

Ladies Luncheon: April 30, 2010

We2 Meet at Towne Hall! It’s time again for a fabulous Ladies Luncheon! We are heading over to “Towne Hall” Lunches are a great way to get to know each other better. Take time to talk and get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying a tasty lunch. Please see the details [...]

The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship – April 14 2010

The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship Are you working on your business or in your business? We hear “work-life balance” often, but what does that really mean? When is an entrepreneur successful? Are you pursuing excellence, or striving for “success”? Is there a difference, and what is the result? What is mindful entrepreneurship? What is “You [...]

Ladies Luncheon: March 26, 2010

We2 Meet at Elixor! Join us this Friday! We2 meet again for a fabulous Ladies Luncheon! Lunches are a great way to get to know each other better. Take some necessary, quality time to talk to and get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying a tasty lunch. Our Theme for this [...]

Are you getting the biggest refund possible?

Become empowered and ensure you are getting the biggest INCOME TAX refund possible! If you are not aware of what expenses you can claim, you are guaranteed to be not bringing all of the information your accountant needs to get you the biggest tax refund. A workshop designed for Women Entrepreneurs. Become empowered and obtain [...]

March 10th 2010

Powerful Sales and Marketing Strategies for all Start-Ups and Young Businesses. Get Wired, Inspired and Ready To Be Creative Ladies, are you looking to grow your business? In this competitive marketplace, sometimes a few great tips and techniques can change everything. Do you know that cold calling is most successful when done Friday mornings? Do [...]

Ladies Luncheon: February 19, 2010

We2 Meet at WiSushi! It’s time to enjoy another ladies luncheon! Lunches are a great way to get to know each other better. Take time to talk and get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying a tasty lunch. Lunch will be FREE for MEMBERS, and 10$ for a guest to join [...]

February 10th 2010

February is the month of love… I’m looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces ! About us…. It seems everybody is in the mood for love come February – and it’s not just the love of our partner or spouse. It is our families, our sisters and brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and [...]

Eating well for Optimum Digestion – January 26

Do you suffer with gas, bloating, constipation or any other digestive disorder? If you do or would just like to feel more energized, sleep better and have a clearer mind, than this workshop is for you! Proper digestion leads to optimal absorption and assimilation of food nutrients and supports their effective use and distribution through [...]

“Awake & Imagine” Workshop on January 30th

What a great time to explore endless possibilities! Are you determined to make this your best year ever? Are you ready to Awake & Imagine? Do you wish to once again experience the world through the eyes of a child, where possibility & “Big Dreams” reign, and no self-imposed barriers exist? Have you been searching? [...]

Nourishing Well-Being course – March 9-April 27/2010

Healthy eating lays the foundation for well-being on all levels. Discover what it means to eat a healthy whole foods diet. Learn techniques that support the food you eat to nourish you on all levels. Inquire into what it is to make positive changes in your lifestyle so that you can begin to take responsibility [...]

30 minutes to your peak state – January 13th 2010

Let’s decide to make this year the greatest yet – new hopes, dreams, goals aspirations…the sky is the limit. Alongside some of the We2 networking and learning opportunities, don’t forget to take advantage of some of the great programs and workshops our very own We2 members are offering! Take a look! Join us for breakfast [...]

We2 meet – December 9th 2009

Gear up for a very special morning networking event in place of our regular morning meeting. For the cost of a breakfast We2 members can set up a table to showcase their gift ideas for some last minute holiday shopping. This event will welcome both WOMEN AND MEN! Buffet Breakfast will be included, so tell [...]

We2 Holiday Party -Dec 3rd 2009

You are cordially Invited……to join us for an evening of Fun, Food and Holiday Cheer as the Women of We2 come together to celebrate the coming Holiday season! Let’s enjoy a merry night out together, just the girls! Guaranteed to be a night filled with lots of laughter and joy!You get a full meal, including: [...]

Infomercial Basics – November 11th 2009

In this workshop, Julia Di Nardo will teach you the basics of creating a unique, compelling and authentic marketing message that you can use at networking events and with prospective clients and referral partners. She will cover what the crucial elements in every “infomercial” should be, which common mistakes to avoid, and help you clarify [...]

Mastermind Coaching for Entrepreneurs – November & December 2009

Set and Achieve your Business Goals with the C3 Principal Clarity, Choice and Commitment Do you intend to succeed in business so you can thrive in life? Do you intend to manage the competing priorities of a successful business, without compromising the quality of your life? Do you intend to achieve laser focus to align [...]

Your Image…Your Success! – October 14th, 2009

“The first 7-20 seconds of any encounter determines the impression people have about us. Our exterior appearance causes others to judge our educational and social background. How we look commands attention….How we dress speaks to our professional capabilities. Dressing the part means projecting a successful image, displaying your personal power, and leaving prospective clients and [...]

Retreat October 3 & 4, 2009 – Workshop and Firewalk

IN 24 HOURS we can…”Set your Soul on Fire”: • Eliminate old negative beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward • Embrace and have a better relationship with your mind, body and spirit • Resolve unwanted blocks & barriers • Help you feel more vibrant, free and alive • Experience more joy, love and [...]

“Awake & Imagine” Workshop on September 12th

Have you ever wished you could change your life, overcome your fears, realize your dreams, and live in flow? Do you wish to experience the world through the eyes of a child, where no boundaries, limits or self-imposed barriers exist? Do you have doubts about your ability to succeed? You can achieve anything you have [...]

Ladies Luncheon – WE² meet for Lunch – August 26th, 2009

Join us for our second lovely ladies luncheon, where WE² will have a great time getting to know each other over a tasty meal! We’ll talk about what we’ve learned, our recent experiences & help our friends brainstorm with some business questions they might have. This will be our last summer meeting, and weather permitting [...]

Transform your Thinking with Mind Mapping – August 12th, 2009

Would you like to: Think faster and be more focused each day? Manage information overload better? Increase your productivity by 10-20 % each week? Join us on the morning of August 12th when Britta Heintzen, professional speaker & president of Plan4Results, brings the fascinating tools of Mind Mapping to We²! Britta will introduce you to [...]

WE2 Sponsoring e2connect event

Sponsoring A special offer : E2 connect is putting on a fabulous all-day learning event on July 14th and We² will be a sponsor!! What does that mean for You? Well, first it means more savings on an already low-cost event! What bang for your buck! If you wanted to see Peter Vogopoulos last month [...]

How to Network Effectively!

The lovely, articlulate, intelligent and talented Corry Robertson will be starting WE² with a bang! WE² is proud to have our very own member and certified professional coach sharing invaluable information that morning. What better topic to launch our membership with than : “ How to Network Effectively!” ? Corry is chock-full of valuble information! [...]

The Seven Keys to Real Marketing Results

How would you like a checklist of the seven most important things to use in all your marketing? Most businesses create marketing “collateral” (a fancy word to describe the sum of flyers, brochures, catalogs, and other print or non-print material) to help move the sale along. Did you know that most of these marketing pieces [...]

Unlocking Your Color Code

A very exciting and dynamic speaker, Glynis MacDavid, who will talk about Your COLOR CODE- designed to help you assess who you truly are and how you can use that to better yourself and your business!Find out more about it by taking the “Color Test.” Follow the link below! It will be a fun, enlightening [...]

The Power of YOUR Intuition

Hi There & Welcome To WE²! WOW! April is surely going to be a terrific month! With the springtime upon us, the warming sun, the lifting spirits, what a great time to reconnect with ourselves and our source. With today’s busy lives and external demands: cell phones, media, internet, our business our families…buzz-buzz-buzz…do you find [...]

Easy Steps to Presentation Excellence

Most entrepreneurs, business professionals and students are required to make presentations or an occasional speech. Unfortunately, many people have a fear of public speaking, and they panic when these opportunities arise. But this does not have to be the case! There are concrete steps that you can take to learn the basic skills you need [...]

How to Connect with Your Vision

Corry will show you how to create your vision and mission for your career and your life. “The vision is about how you see yourself in the future when you are living your best life and your mission is HOW you are going to do it”. “I will share you with some tips on how [...]

Why? Why Not!

Harnessing the Power of the Innovation Advantage in Your Business. Imagine being able to move your business from “where it is” to “where you always knew it could be” with just a simple shift in focus? Imagine being able to move your team from “reasons we can’t” to “reasons we can” with just one simple [...]

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