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Content Creation Jumpstart!

Content Creation Jumpstart! We hear it a lot: to find and engage new clients and prospects, gather fans and turn them into loyal clients you need to “Create Compelling Content Consistently!” You are up to the challenge… you’ve got your new beautiful floral notebook that you picked out just for this task…you know the one, [...]

Show up & Shine 2. The Re-Shining

Get visible. Find support. Show up for your biz like never before! If you missed the first one – you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss the second! You may or may not remember that I said I was giving away a 1500$ course practically free…well, the results are in – and they are undeniable. The [...]

Show Up & Shine! Next-Level Shining!

Scroll down to watch the replay! Show Up & Shine Support Call Whether you’ve stayed the course, have YET to jump in, or need to RESTART, you can join in for our We2 #ShowUpandShine support call! This session we’ll be looking at our CTA (Call to action) and how to make MORE & BETTER OFFERS [...]

Show Up & Shine! A 30-Day Challenge to ignite your biz!

Scroll down to watch the replay! It’s TIME, it’s TIME! To SHOW UP & SHINE! We2 is kicking off our 30-day challenge next Tuesday! Showing up and sharing our gifts – AKA being seen and heard – can be one of the most scary and challenging things. It is also something that can and will [...]

5 steps to attract your ideal client through Social Media

Scroll down to watch the replay! 5 steps to attract your ideal client through Social Media Social Media is a gift. An unprecedented opportunity, one unseen in the history of biz. We truly do live in a golden era when we can reach our ideal clients, spread our message and promote ourselves – for free! [...]

Nourish Your Soul

Scroll down to watch the replay! Nourish Your Soul Workshop Joy is a decision!  It is a practice, just like brushing your teeth… Knowing the truth of who YOU are is an empowering strength that keeps you connected to all your values, strengths, and infinite potential of JOY!  Not the YOU that has self-doubt, unworthiness, [...]

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Tips for Entrepreneurs

Scroll down to watch the replay! Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Tips for Entrepreneurs Bookkeeping is more than a necessity, as our special guest speaker Brian Parnass says, “Efficient record keeping helps you keep your finger on the pulse of profitability.” It impacts how we build our biz, how we set goals and more! We2 are [...]

Brain Groove

Scroll down to watch the replay! Brain Groove™ Workshop A lot of the time our businesses are stuck because WE are stuck. We deny it, justify it, hide from it because we don’t know what to do. HOW do we get unstuck? How can we change the way we think about, plan and CRUSH OUR GOALS? [...]

The Fortune’s in the Follow up! – Online Workshop

Scroll down to watch the replay! Don’t leave money on the table! Get ready to learn how to bank your networking efforts, get more clients, build a strong business foundation and a community of fans and supporters! Here’s the thing: Following up WORKS. You may not know exactly how or what to do, but don’t [...]

MINDSET – We2 Member Exclusive

Scroll down to watch the replay! MINDSET We often hear about the important role MINDSET plays in our lives, a determining factor in our success! Join the Women of We2 as we explore the power of a growth-mindset, inspired by our recent We2 BookClub book, “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. From business success to our personal [...]

The Spirit of Money – Workshop with Daniele Soare

Scroll down to watch the replay! The Key to unlocking Limiting beliefs about money & worth. Money is energy, forever flowing. It’s simply an exchange, yet the topic of money often brings feelings of shame, guilt, doubt… feelings of lack, hopelessness, or unworthiness. Underlying those feelings are limiting beliefs attached to emotions that keep us [...]

Happy & Healthy Online Workshop

Happy & Healthy Online Workshop The road to creating an awesome life – that includes and awesome biz, of course – is multifaceted. It’s all about our actions, our plans & strategies to conquer the world – to crush our goals…but it’s also about our minds and yes – our bodies too! Cuz we got [...]

Own Your Day – Online Workshop

Imagine: Less stress. Less overwhelm. More productivity. More profits. Better results. Did you know that one hour a day, every day for a year EQUALS 9 x 40-hour work weeks? NINE. FORTY. HOUR. WORK. WEEKS. SAY WHHHAAAT!!? Yup. Crazy, right? We lose our power one little hour at a time. If you could harness the [...]