Build a business that flourishes. Craft a lifestyle that’s simultaneously soulful – and wildly abundant.
Whether you are just starting out or are an industry leader, if you’ve been at it for 10 days, 10 months or 10 years, We2 has a place for you.

The We2 community is here to help you: grow your business, get uber-inspired, bust overwhelm, learn new skills, accelerate your confidence, and connect with a fab community…obliterating any loneliness that can happen on the road to building your awesome empire!

You're a star. And We2 wants to help you shine!


Imagine just one nugget of wisdom that changes the way you show up – changes your results.

Seals the deal on that new client.

One workshop that helps you write compelling copy or organize your biz like a breeze.

Imagine just one mega-boost of confidence to “go get ‘em tiger,” or one important referral or connection.

What do you get when you join We2?

The short answer:

Endless possibilities & opportunities.
Personal & professional growth.
And feelin’ like a superstar!
Jazz hands!


Each month you’ll get a combination of the tools, resources, workshops and events that’ll help you grow your biz with joy, ease, grace – and a whole lot more FUN!

You can access everything from your Member Portal when you join!

We2 Online Workshops

Live webinars & interactive workshops with experts bring you awesome business-building goodness.

Everything from:

– success mindset, social media, selling and marketing

– to speaking, podcasting, legal 101, bookkeeping, blogging, advertising, organizing and systematizing your biz, creating killer websites- and SO MUCH MORE!

As long as you are a We2 Member, these workshops and accompanying printable worksheets will stay in your We2 Member Portal, where you can access them at your convenience, OR replay them to really soak up all that knowledge & those awesome tips!

Cool beans!

We2 Printables & Challenges

A combination of tools & special themes, challenges, “goal-getters,” printables and worksheets geared specifically towards helping you build momentum, confidence, and importantly – crush your goals, make more money and find satisfaction!

We’ll announce regular We2 Biz Building Challenges in the FB clubhouse and in the Member’s Portal, where you can also find accompanying material or worksheets!

Taking part in challenges will help you reach your goals faster, and you won’t be alone! You’ll have the help of the community encouraging you!!! (And it’ll be WAY more fun, too!)

Show up & shine!

Start your We2 Membership today

And you will be GRANDMOTHERED into that special price foreevaaaaa. (As long as you keep your membership active, that is, but WE’ll never charge you more) 🙂

We2 Book Club

Badass babes feed their minds with the power of the written word… great books that build our skillset, our confidence, and yup, help us build our biz to new heights!

Keep your motivation & inspiration high!

Whether it’s about manifesting, mindset, social or selling, the We2 Bookclub will help you rock your biz this year!

Read at your own pace, then we’ll share insights & ideas in our FB group & the occasional live chat.

Simply download the suggested monthly book, enjoy the audiobook – or – if you’re a bibliophile who feels there is nothing quite like the smell & feel of paper books, that’s cool, too!

Always optional, simply jump in when you want to!

Monthly Club Books will be announced in the Member Portal & in the Private Facebook Clubhouse!

‘Cuz leaders are readers…yeah! (High five).

We2 Virtual Clubhouse

The place where we can hang out, continue networking, ask business questions, get feedback and helpful tips or answers…

and YES, promote our awesome businesses!

The We2 Virtual Clubhouse {Secret Facebook group}

We2 want a Facebook group where we don’t have to worry about not telling people what we do…we are excited about our businesses and want to SHARE! Not in a SPAMMY, gross way – but with genuine interest and helpfulness!

That’s why we have prompted SHOW & SHARE days, that encourage you to share what you are working on, we ask important questions, so members get to know you, and encourage members to support each other, connect & even follow if it feels right!

Together we can help each other grow!

We2 Upcoming Events

We2 offers a variety of events to support you on your business journey.

– Online events,
– Live events,
– Morning, Lunch & Evenings.

Attend what you want, when you can.

Online Networking Events

Facebook is cool, but morning online coffee klatches and nighttime networking pajama parties are where it’s at!

(No, not THOSE kinds of pajamas – or that kind of party – Linda) (Okay, fine, wear whatever pajamas you like, just remember your sense of humour) 😉

We2 offers networking opportunities in real time, so you can find clients, collaborators, gain referrals; make meaningful connections, develop fans & followers, and best of all, build lasting friendships. Yay for making new business besties!

Live Events (AKA We2-Meets)

The networking, the amazing speakers, the inspiration, the warmth, the fun, the feeling of “holy moly, this is different,” (that’s the We2 flavor you’re tasting, and we’ve been told it’s pretty yummy). 😉

We2 Open Events & We2 Members-Only events will be announced on the site and in your portal, where you can RSVP simply & easily!

We2 Members get free entrance to lunches, brunches & dinners, (not including meal) and discounts for any special events and live workshops!

Start your We2 Membership today

And you will be GRANDMOTHERED into that special price foreevaaaaa. (As long as you keep your membership active, that is, but WE’ll never charge you more) 🙂

Here’s the thing:

Business is built on purpose. It’s built with guidance, love & support.
It’s built by getting out there and showing up.
By saying yes. By deciding and committing.
We2 is committed to helping YOU show up & shine!

So, whaddaya waiting for? Put a ring on it, Sister!

Heck Yeah Sister! I’m in!

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