Nourish Your Soul

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Nourish Your Soul Workshop

Joy is a decision!  It is a practice, just like brushing your teeth…

Knowing the truth of who YOU are is an empowering strength that keeps you connected to all your values, strengths, and infinite potential of JOY! 

Not the YOU that has self-doubt, unworthiness, shame or extreme fatigue. YES I know that exists as part of being human.

There is a part of us that is not conditioned by external factors. We have our own internal source of wholeness!

When we KNOW this part of ourselves, we can source that strength to endure challenging times, struggles in our business, the instability of the current health crisis and still find a deep sense of LOVE for ourselves that is unchanging.

When we EMBODY this JOY, when we CONNECT to this wholeness, it has the power to transform our lives – and our businesses! From the day to day experience of running and growing a successful biz, to reaching new heights!

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Discover who you are NOT.
  • Define your limited beliefs that pull you away from your JOY.
  • Learn to tap into this inner strength to guide you.
  • Experience a Guided mediation to bring you back home to your Soul connection.

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A We²-Bit® about Brandee:

Brandee SafranBrandee Safran, BSc., yoga therapist, reiki healer, health coach, and vulnerable soul has been a certified vinjana yoga teacher since 1998.

Brandee uses her body as a vehicle for healing. With yoga and coaching, she offers her students a journey into discovering their innate freedom of JOY.

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