Pitch it like it’s HOT!


Got a biz that you KNOW people need, if you could only get in front of the RIGHT peeps?

Want to pitch your talk, webinar or workshop?

When you need to get in front of an engaged audience, your own – OR – someone else’s, you gotta “Pitch it Like It’s HOT!”, Girl!

Make it IRRESISTIBLE! Something people will look FORWARD to experiencing.

If you want to sell your services, first you need to bring them IN to your world! And that means creating a Pitch so good, they need to be there!

As Founder and President of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange I have seen MANY pitches come my way, and I know what works – and what flops. As in: “meh”. I have also helped COUNTLESS people create and / or fix their pitch, so they’d be enticing, exciting, magnetic!

And NOW I will show YOU just how to do it!

In my FREE online Workshop “Pitch It Like It’s Hot,” I’ll walk you through EXACTLY what you need to bring to the table when you pitch! We’ll also cover some of the mistakes I see and how to avoid them (so you always have a rockin’ pitch).

You’ll understand the strategy the “Do’s and Don’t’s” and get my formula so you can “Pitch It Like It’s Hot” any day, simply and easily!!

  • Improve your chances of being accepted to speak or give a workshop
  • Increase your attendees!
  • Dramatically Increase your sales
  • Bring your skills to those who need you the most
  • Find new confidence offering your services

How can you attend? Just register right here and mark your calendars!

Join us for an unforgettable online workshop!

When: Friday, May 15, 2020 at 12:00PM
Where: Online click here to join the workshop