Sue-Anne Hickey

“We2 transformed my business and my life. I got my colors done by Lesia Prystupa, got “Styled” by Sandra Smith of Style Sandra, won a photo shoot at a We2 meeting with the amazing Wanda Malfara, and did hypnosis with Ana Lucia Lanatta! Can you say increased confidence?!

The Academy for Business Betterment helped take my business to the next level and the lasting friendships formed and support are of course, priceless.

Thank-you Sarena for all that you do to make We2 a thriving, loving supportive community unlike any other. ”

Sue-Anne Hickey

Renee Mollitt

“I am more of a shy introverted person and I feel very comfortable and at ease with this group of wonderful and supportive women.

I liked Sarena from the moment I met her. Working with her has helped me step forward and explore beyond my comfort zone and continue to develop my infinite creative capacities. I am so grateful to be part of this community!”

Renee Mollitt, Luscious Lotus

Corry Robertson

“As the president of We2, Sarena has built one of the most valuable and dynamic networking groups in Montreal, always attracting a high calibre of business women. Not only have I enjoyed and benefited from every one of her events, she has also created many excellent business resources for all of her members. Sarena is a wonderful woman and I highly recommend We2.”

Corry Robertson, Executive Mentor Coach

Geeta Nadkarni, Baby Got Booked

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE We2 !
The community, the quality of the networking, the quality of the relationships…because people genuinely do care

And Sarena, Omg…

This about so much more than business, this is about life…about all the stuff that make women get up in the morning. I am so proud to be a part of this organization and to be invited to speak, it is an absolute privilege, if you get the chance, jump on it!”

Geeta Nadkarni, Baby Got Booked

Natalka Lee

“Every meeting is a fresh new experience, Sarena’s creative energy and positive outlook are what keeps me going to each meeting.

I am encouraged as I believe every participant is, to take our talents and our ambitions to our highest level”

Natalka Lee

Wanda Malfara

“Sarena has taken on the role as President of We2 and has directed it into the largest and most successful Women’s Networking Organizations in Montreal…

A born leader, Sarena’s enthusiasm, quick mind and hard working dedication to every task and project she takes on result in successful endeavours.

She delights in the success of others and as a result is successful herself.”

Wanda Malfara

Maja Falvo

“Sarena’s work as President of the WE2 Networking Group is outstanding.

Her dedication and passion for entrepreneurship generates great value for all WE2 members as well as her kind and professional personality creates a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the group.”

Maja Falvo

Robin Hornstein

“When I first met Sarena I was struck by her sincerity and her passion. I watched Sarena single-handedly transform a fledgling organization into a successful and vibrant community.

Sarena has an engaging way about her that makes people feel welcome, cared about and curious to be part of something that she has created. Sarena is a valuable find – do not lose sight of her!”

Robin Hornstein

Jacqueline Vaughan

“Sarena’s ability to motivate women to create and manage their entrepreneurial purpose is phenomenal.

I’ve learned so much from meetings and exchanges, and have been empowered to reach my business goals.”

Jacqueline Vaughan

Dahna Weber

“Sharp, funny,innovative Sarena is 100% professional who gives 150% to all that she touches.

Both creative and business minded Sarena has an energetic and charismatic nature that has made We2 the most successful networking group in Montreal.”

Dahna Weber

Tanya Toledano

“Sarena has created a fabulous power-group of women with We2. It’s important to note that the power does not lie strictly within the entrepreneurial success of these amazing women. It lies within the hearts & commitment, care & concern of the group and perhaps most of all, Sarena’s own care & concern for each & every one of her members.

We2 is about so much more than the referrals from which you will benefit. If you are a woman with a business head & a helping heart, We2 is the place for you.”

Tanya Toledano

Pat Auchinleck

“Sarena is energetic, creative and has a magnetic personality. Each month she brings informative speakers and a lively group of woman together. I highly recommend Sarena and her We2 Networking group to any woman entrepreneur whether a seasoned pro or just starting out – you will leave energized and with new ideas to grow your business. Thanks Sarena!”

Pat Auchinleck

Monica de Liz

“SARENA IS AWESOME! A multi-passionate entrepreneuress with a huge heart who knows how to build a powerful community. Her DYNAMIC NETWORKING EVENTS are jam-packed with massive value. She offers a fun mix of inspiring guest speakers, creative marketing tools, and amaaaaaaaazing insights that FEED YOUR SOUL AND BUSINESS.

Her talent for bringing women together and helping them succeed is beyond words — a combo that makes her a truly REMARKABLE WOMAN. I love being part of her tribe. What you are waiting for? Join her next event!!!”

Monica de Liz

Lisa McKenzie

“Fabulous work. I am very impressed with how you’ve grown this community of wonderful supportive women.

Its always a challenge giving birth to a brand but you fully expressed the feeling of your group and the professional direction. You should be very proud. Congratulations.”

Lisa McKenzie Social Media Strategist Speaker Author

Jennifer Lonergan

“I wanted also to thank you so much for organizing the meetings and the network …! Your energy is very inspiring!

Thanks again for all your hard work and thinking so much about our businesses and lives!”

Jennifer Lonergan Artistri Sud

Peter Vogopoulos

“As a workshop facilitator and speaker, I get invited to speak at many networking events and entrepreneurial groups. None of the groups have the energy or enthusiasm of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange organized by Sarena Miller.

The “vibe” of this group is amazingly positive, it is no wonder everyone seems happy to be a part of it. Kudos to Sarena for putting together such a fantastic group and kudos to the members for embracing it.

If you are a entrepreneur, joining this group would be a very sound networking and business decision. I urge you to give Sarena a call and arrange to visit her group’s next meeting.”

Peter Vogopoulos, The Real Results Guy™ Marketing Strategist and Business Accelerator

Suzannah Baum

“The WE2 group is different from all the other networking groups that I’ve attended. There’s a certain energy and friendliness among the members that makes each and every monthly meeting an absolute success.
The high-quality speakers that Sarena (the organizer) recruits every month to share their business expertise never disappoints. These speakers, along with member feedback and advice has, over the past year, provided me with valuable information and ideas on how to grow my business. But even more than that, I have gained new clients through this group – either by working directly with the members, or through their referrals. WE2 is a unique group of intelligent, dynamic, supportive women, and I would recommend it to any female entrepreneur looking for new networking opportunities.”

Suzannah Baum Ideal Communications

Lynne Freeman Haque

“We² is the networking group for women in business! Guest speakers present current initiatives, strategies and solutions to promote greater success for your business. Members and guests enjoy a unique group dynamic created by supportive, resourceful and experienced business women and entrepreneurs. Come and join us!”

Lynne Freeman Haque

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