The Fortune’s in the Follow up! – Online Workshop

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Don’t leave money on the table!

Get ready to learn how to bank your networking efforts, get more clients, build a strong business foundation and a community of fans and supporters!

Here’s the thing: Following up WORKS.

You may not know exactly how or what to do, but don’t worry…

Join the Women of We2 on May 22nd, when “Follow-Up Queen” Julie Bourbeau will share her follow-up secrets that have contributed to her success, and the success of countless others who have used these tips and techniques!

You’ll learn the principles of following up and following through, the “do’s and don’ts”, the “how & when”.

These nuggets of wisdom will serve you time and time and time again, whether in person or online.

The information could mean a difference of thousands, between success or frustration…in fact…you may have money and clients just waiting for you RIGHT NOW. When you implement what you will learn, it will change your biz.

This is a workshop you 100% DEFINITELY don’t want to miss.

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A We2-bit about Julie:

Julie BourbeauOften referred to as THE Follow-up-Queen by her business peers, Julie is a heart and soul, free-spirited woman and entrepreneur. Julie is passionate about networking and is proof that the Fortune IS indeed in the Follow-up! She is the founder and owner of Julie Bourbeau, Translation Services, where she helps businesses and charitable organizations reach out to the francophone market, increase their visibility and have a coherent and consistent bilingual voice.

Most days, you can find Julie working behind her computer at her home office, on her couch or at her local Starbucks. She’s known for her funny social media posts and loves serving the world by shining her light and inspiring others to do the same. When she’s not busy working, you can find her binging on podcasts, playing taxi-mom and rocking out with her music friends at local jams.

As a lover of words and budding author, Julie has been featured in two books: Manifesting a New Life (a compilation of inspiring stories based on the Law of Attraction) and Co-parenting in Harmony where she shared her journey as a single mom and co-parent of two kids.

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