The Spirit of Money – Workshop with Daniele Soare

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The Key to unlocking Limiting beliefs about money & worth.

Money is energy, forever flowing.

It’s simply an exchange, yet the topic of money often brings feelings of shame, guilt, doubt… feelings of lack, hopelessness, or unworthiness.

Underlying those feelings are limiting beliefs attached to emotions that keep us from shining our brightest light & serving MORE people with our gifts.

The good news: we can heal these wounds, and in doing so, change our lives.

Yes, we can reprogram new beliefs that we choose to have in our lives now, replacing old ones that no longer serve us. Things like abundance, plenty, flow, ease…

Are you to ready to heal your money-wounds? Are you ready to take your business – and life – to a level you deserve? Are you finally ready for joy and peace of mind?

The journey begins now! 😀

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Danièle shares her secrets for unlocking the power that you hold within, things that you can begin to do immediately to discover the Spirit of Money and make room for wild abundance!

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A We2-bit about Danièle:

Danièle Soaré - The Spirit Of Money

As one of the first 3 women on the Toronto Stock Exchange floor, followed by a career in institutional equity trading, Danièle understands the industry like no other.

Today, she helps individuals and families navigate a system that is harsh terrain for most.

The Spirit of Money is about combining both the practical and spiritual elements that create financial health and well-being.

It’s a new, holistic approach to help you achieve freedom and peace of mind, to reach goals you perhaps thought impossible. Universal abundance is rightfully yours, it is your birthright. “But it’s not about attracting – it’s about allowing”.- Danièle Soaré

Contact Danièle:

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how The Spirit of Money™ Financial Coaching works, or if it’s right for you, simply reach out to Danièle!

Email: Send me an email
Tel: 514-971-2888

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