What’s Happening at We2 Fall 2020

The current conditions, and the reality of our new way of life means that now, more than ever, we need to connect and to be actively building relationships online. We need to fine-tune those skills. The best place to do just that is with the warmth of the We2 community!

It also means We2 need to engage. We need to believe and to work to keep our dreams alive. To effectuate change. To create. To be seen and heard. We2 need to have a flexible business, one that can more than sustain us, a business that allows us to do what we love, serve our peeps, AND live the lifestyle we desire!

We2 do not know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure, We2 is as committed as ever to bring you what you need to grow.

Grow your business. Increase your income. Find calm and flow. Ignite your passions. We are upping the ante- to serve you massive amounts of inspiration and motivation. To encourage and uplift you when you are down, and importantly to surround yourself with POSITIVE forces! With Sisterhood.

As we move into the last bit of 2020 and 2021 – I wanted to let you know that I am here to support you, that you matter. When I am brainstorming and building and thinking of what We2 need to do to give you the resources and tools – it is YOU. What would you appreciate? What do you need now?

We have many great events coming to wrap up this crazy year and get you ready for 2021! We will continue to offer you online networking, workshops and special events, biz building challenges and our We2 Book Club! Please remember that with your annual or monthly We2 Membership, you have access to the FULL ever-growing library of online workshops! From money-mindset to social media, from nourishing your soul, to owning your day, from the art of following up, to bookkeeping with MANY more on the way!

Take a peek


  • Holiday gift giving spotlights
  • We2 Vision 2021 GOALSETTING & PLANNING!
  • We2 Online Holiday party Bring your snacks, your hot chocolate or cider, and let’s party!


  • Letter to the Universe
  • 30 day: Show up & shine challenge


  • MOVED by LOVE month– Focus on what We2 need to fall deeper in love with our business and our LIFE. Pulled by the vision, and by love. <3

And that’s just a sneak peek at some of the highlights! More workshops & networking coming your way!

So, save these dates to be with your We2 Babes, Babe!

See you soon!
Sarena & the We2 Team!:)